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 Credit Cards in Real-time
MaxiCart in partnership with our payment gateway supplier, can supply Canadian businesses with real-time online Merchant Services.

You will be able to accept Visa AND MasterCard in multiple currencies and the payments are made to your Canadian Bank in Canadian Dollars!

In order to qualify for Merchant Services you must supply your goods or services within a reasonable amount of time to your end user.  Also, we require your bank to stamp and sign a 'Verification of Customer Identity'

The costs are far less than other credit card companies.  And these prices are in Canadian Dollars (So please be aware of the currency exchange with low cost US companies)

CAD $299.00 setup
CAD $39.99 p/m
2.99% Merchant Discount Rate*
CAD 55 transaction fee

As you can see our prices INCLUDE MasterCard AND VISA, in multiple currencies.  These prices are very competitive with your current bank's Merchant prices, as you would have to pay for Visa and MasterCard separately, and you would still not be able to receive American Dollars, or British Pounds if you wanted to offer your customers these currencies for payment.

How to Sign Up
Get started today, and be approved in as little as 48hrs after your paperwork is received!

To sign up using our secure link to our payment gateway supplier, click HERE 


*Single Currency (CAD-CAD or USD-USD).  For Multi-currency, a rate of 4.65% applies.

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